How can you participate in Homecoming?

How an individual can participate in Homecoming

  • Give blood or volunteer at the blood drive (Estimated Cost: Free)
  • Donate canned food to the food drive (Estimated Cost: $2)
  • Attend Homecoming Talent performances (Estimated Cost: $7)
  • Volunteer to be on a core committee (Estimated Cost: Participants receive a free T-Shirt)
  • Attend Campus Decorations (Estimated Cost: Free)

How a group can participate in Homecoming

  • Distribute shopping lists at grocery stores
  • Decorate businesses in The District for Homecoming Weekend (Estimated Cost: $20 – window paint, streamers, etc.)
  • Paint a banner to hang on campus (Estimated Cost: $25 – flat bed sheet, paint)
  • Attend the parade (Estimated Cost: Free)
  • Walk in the parade (Estimated Cost: w/ vehicle $25 decorations – w/ banner $25 flat sheet, paint)
  • Volunteer to help sort canned food (Estimated Cost: Free)
  • Nominate a member for Homecoming Royalty (Estimated Cost: $25)

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