Day: September 7, 2010

SteerCo Travels to the Home of the Arch

Photo by Amanda Schnieders

It’s true when they say ‘travel and change of place give the mind new vigor,’ what they don’t mention is that travel also teaches you a lot about the companions you travel with. This leads us to the Homecoming Steering Committee’s Arch Rivalry Road Trip of 2010 in good ol’ St. Louis, Mo.

SteerCo departed from Columbia, Mo. on Friday, Sept. 3 and traveled to the home of the Arch in preparation of the first Mizzou football game against the University of Illinois’ Fighting Illini. There were restroom breaks, a fancy dinner at Burger King, and complete exhaustion, while all along there was laughter among the diversity of the people gathered in the multiple cars, one of whom was wearing a sombrero and swim trunks. By the end of the night, SteerCo-ers needed a good night sleep before the big day.

The Saturday morning of Sept. 4 started bright and early on the streets of downtown St. Louis, as everyone trekked to the Edward Jones Dome to help out at the Mizzou Alumni Association’s tailgate. SteerCo-ers, clad in their new, bright gold polos, passed out football schedules, stickers, signs, and pom-poms to every passerby (even those wearing the Illini orange) and alerting all those in ear shot of the infamous Homecoming 2010 date of Oct. 23. The sun was shining and the smell of Mizzou football was in the air. Actually, it smelled more like the grill smoke of brats and burgers, but that’s practically the same thing.

Several SteerCo members pose outside of Edward Jones' Dome on Sept. 4, 2010. The Steering Committee helped out at the MAA tailgate, passing out business cards and game signs. Photo by Emily Albertson

After much hard work, everyone hurried inside to see the kick-off. There are many stairs in the Dome. A fact not soon forgotten after this weekend. After a slow start by the Tigers in the first half, they finally picked up the pace in the second to finish 23-13 over Illinois. This makes the Tigers undefeated in the season…so far. Let’s hope this luck proceeds. All in all, the SteerCo road trip was a success. The Tigers won and the word of Homecoming was spread once again.