Hairnets of the Black and Gold

Homecoming Steering Committee 2010

The grills were being fired up. Beverages were being poured. Apparel of black and gold was being put on. There was a smell in the air. It was the Tigers’ home opener at Faurot Field, and there was spirit a brewing.

Members of SteerCo gather around their stations on the morning of Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010 at the Central Missouri Food Bank. (Photo by Casey Berner)

Though not everyone was preparing to tailgate at 9 a.m. Down in the heart of Columbia, Mo., there was one small group, donning black and gold, headed towards the Central Missouri Food Bank on September 11. Some were excited. Others were tired. But everyone was ready for some good ol’ manual labor.

SteerCo had decided to start off the football season with some volunteering, possibly hoping this would add a little extra ‘good karma’ to the season. The task: packing food in bags. The item: Asian stir-fry. Their hands were washed, their gloves were on, and their hair nets were securely in place. Time for some fun.

SteerCo worked diligently, shoveling away at the frozen mixture, packing it into bags to be shipped off to nearby shelters. In one hour, SteerCo packed 1,445 lbs. of stir-fry. After three hours, they had packed a whopping 2,660 lbs. of that beautiful, frozen food. They worked hard to bring food to people without any, but what they learned was how to work together for one goal. (Was that too far? Did I way overstep the cheesiness line? Maybe.)

Mary Fama delivers heavy buckets of food to each station, getting her workout for the day.

Though at the end, fun was had and they went their separate ways off into the sunny world of tailgating.  Volunteering paid off with a dominating 50-6 win over the Cowboys of McNeese State. So there is only one question left to be asked: where in the world is McNeese State?

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