Homecoming 2010 will be a day not soon forgotten by Mizzou alumni, students, and friends (let’s go ahead and add the rest of the nation as well). It was a trifecta of greatness. What can compare to the day Mizzou upset the number one team in the nation, made it on ESPN Gameday, and experienced the 99th celebration of Homecoming? Answer: Nothing. The game was won. The field was charged. And the goal post was extracted quickly and swiftly by a multitude of hacksaws, and pulled out of the stadium.

At the end of the night, a buzz echoed through Columbia, Mo. There was a tangible spark and energy in the air, and no one could deny it. Smiles were plastered across faces without need for explanation. It was a night of magic, and words can’t truly explain the significance of the moment when that clock hit 0.0. Even now, the emotion that comes to mind is simply–awe.

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