Apply to be Homecoming Royalty

Apply NOW for 2012 Homecoming Royalty
Homecoming Royalty is a tradition that allows the University to honor those students who best represent the spirit of Mizzou. All student organizations are encouraged to nominate up to three students for this honored tradition.

  • Criteria: Applicants must have senior status, be in good academic standing, a minimum 2.5 GPA and be a full-time undergraduate student with 12 or more hour. Individuals previously named to Homecoming Top 10 or Greek Week Sweet 16 are ineligible.
  • Platform:  For the 2012 Homecoming Royalty, all applicants must select a platform that they choose to support. Applicants are encouraged to select a platform that enhances or improves the Mizzou community.  For example, an applicant may choose the Green Dot initiative at Mizzou as their platform because this program empowers students to stop violence on campus.
  • Application Fees: $25. Each campus organization may submit one entry free of charge by completing and returning the Royalty Waiver Form with the application. Organizations may submit a total of 3 applications.
  • Applications are due Friday, Sept. 14, 2012 to 123 Reynolds Alumni Center.

To access the application, click here.

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