Meet your 2014 Homecoming Committee-Campus Decorations


Name: Brian Hinck

Hometown: Leawood, Kan.

Major: Business

Year in School: Sophomore

What are you most excited about for the planning and execution of Homecoming 2014? I am most excited about picking the theme and seeing how creative all of the pairings will be with it, and all the cool creations they will make.


Name: Nori Stone

Hometown: Greenville, Ill.

Major: Business Management

Year in School: Junior

Why did you want to be a part of the 104 Homecoming Steering Committee, and what are you most excited for? I wanted to be a part of it because I have always loved the celebration and look forward to the entire month of October each year. To be able to be a part of the planning for my very last Homecoming as a student only seemed fitting and a perfect way to spend my senior year. I am most excited for everything to come together and to give students, families and alumni a memorable experience.


Name: Austin Stumpe

Hometown: Jefferson City, Mo.

Major: Marketing

Year in School: Junior

What is your favorite Homecoming memory/event? My favorite Homecoming memory is being a part of the Centennial Homecoming my freshman year. I knew Homecoming at Mizzou was a huge celebration but having my first experience of it being the centennial made it very memorable. Seeing everyone come together made me realize how amazing Mizzou Homecoming really is. 

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