Meet your 2014 Homecoming Steering Committee-Talent


Name: Sam Belvin


Hometown: Lake Winnebago, MO


Major: Biology/pre-med


Year: Junior


What is your favorite Homecoming memory/event? My favorite Homecoming event has always been the talent production. Mizzou is filled with so many talented individuals and I have always enjoyed being able to watch from afar. This year, I am thrilled to be a part of making these nights successful!


Name: Christian Gander


Hometown: Clarence, MO


Major: Finance and Banking


Year: Junior


Why did you want to be part of the 2014 Homecoming Steering Committee and what are you most excited for? To give back to the school and community that has given me so much. I’m most excited for meeting new people and making connections that will last forever.


Name: Nick Lazechko


Hometown: Dardenne Prairie, MO


Major: Strategic Communications


Year: Sophomore


Why did you want to be a part of the 2014 Homecoming Steering Committee and what are you most excited for? I wanted to guide one of the greatest events on Mizzou’s campus and help it reach new heights while maintaining a strong sense of tradition. I’m most excited for the Talent Acts. 


Name: Alexis Schaefer


Hometown: Naperville, IL


Major: Journalism/business minor


Year: Sophomore


What are you most excited for about the planning and execution of Homecoming 2014? I am most excited to see how Talent evolves, because there are a lot of new things being planned! There are some great changes coming not only for Talent, but for other committees and Homecoming in general. Planning the details of their implementation should be a lot of hard work but ultimately so worth it. It’s a fantastic experience to be able to start with a blank slate for Homecoming 2014 and watch it slowly blossom into the amazing event that it always has, and always will be. I may be a little biased, but I am looking forward to continuing the tradition of the best Homecoming yet!



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