The MIZ BBQ event is a special Homecoming event that takes place each year exclusively for the Residence Halls on campus. This Thursday, October 16th, at 4 PM, Residence Halls have the opportunity to create a dish and atmosphere inspired by their unique Homecoming theme. Each Hall will have fifteen minutes to wow the judges with their delicious entrees and entertain them with decorations and Mizzou Homecoming spirit!  MIZ BBQ is worth the most amount of points (160) in the Residence Hall point breakdown for Homecoming.

Judging for the event will be based on creativity, atmosphere, food quality, participation and clean-up. To add to the festivities, Residence Hall spirit banners are to be hung by Thursday at 3 PM. Set up for the BBQ begins at 11 AM and ends at 4 pm when the judging begins. Anyone is welcome to attend the event throughout the day!

MIZ BBQ is a great showcase of each Residence Hall’s hard work during this year’s Homecoming celebration. It’s also a unique opportunity for freshman students to explore different Residence Halls and for upperclassmen to revisit their old residences. Nick Akins, member of the Special Events Committee within this year’s Homecoming Steer Co commented on his own experience with MIZ BBQ, saying, “It’s a FANTASTIC way for freshman to really take charge within their Residence Hall and become some of campus’ and Homecoming’s future leaders”.

MIZ BBQ is a culmination and a celebration for Residence Halls and the students within them who have worked so hard this year. So don’t miss out on all of the fun this Thursday from 11AM-4 PM!


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