This year the University of Missouri celebrated the Centennial Homecoming last fall, attracting thousands of alumni to revisit Columbia. Homecoming is a time in which students, faculty, staff, community members and alumni come together to celebrate Mizzou and its impressive history of excellence.

Homecoming 2012, “Many Tigers, One Roar,” unites past traditions and alumni with current Homecoming events and Mizzou students. Mizzou students maintain and improve upon past traditions each year through Homecoming festivities, and simultaneously look to the future as they create traditions of their own. The Mizzou Alumni Association is proud to celebrate many events including the Homecoming Blood Drive, which is recognized as the nation’s largest student-run blood drive. The Homecoming Food Drive benefits the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri. Campus Decorations and the Homecoming Parade are a unique experiences that combine creativity and service to the Mizzou family and Columbia community.

These are just a few of the many Homecoming events that help bring Tiger spirit to Mizzou’s campus every Homecoming season. All events that support Mizzou would not be possible without the time and dedication of our students. We want to thank you for your commitment and hope you continue to carry on the same Mizzou spirit in years to come, and to help make 2012 yet another successful Homecoming.

The Homecoming Steering Committee has been working tirelessly in preparation for the 2012 Homecoming celebration. We strive to make positive changes each and every year, and this year these changes are apparent in all areas of our Homecoming festivities. We are excited about the events and activities scheduled in the weeks and days leading up to October 27, when the fighting Missouri Tigers take on the Kentucky Wildcats.

The Homecoming Steering Committee and the Mizzou Alumni Association strive to foster Mizzou pride and spread the magic of Homecoming. We truly look forward to working with you!


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